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NIKE Zoom Breathe 2K10

April 5, 2010 3 comments

I recently got back into tennis (yes, even with a dislocated right shoulder and my newly acquired broken finger) after being asked to hit a few rounds with my friend Quynh.  Man it’s been forever since I’ve picked up the dusty old Prince Diablo Tour.  The grip was disintegrating in my hand.

I was using my normal shoes, Nike Shox (no, not an R4, but we will be reunited soon), to play tennis and within a day, it was getting ripped up into pieces.  So, in order to save my Shox from a quick death, I went out in search of new tennis shoes (my old Adidas Barricades were long gone).  I managed to pick up a pair of new Nike Zoom Breathe 2k10’s for only $45.00!  Regular store price was $110!  WooT WooT!  I tried to find an all blue one (like my first Zoom Breathe Free) but there was only a gray one and an all white one.  Took the all white and am now giddy and in the mood for some tennis.  Anyone up for some handicapped tennis?!  =)