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Goodbye 1st Gen tC, Hello Ugly!

After 5 years in action, Scion has finally decided to get rid of the 1st generation tC (though not before making another Release Series to try to milk as much premium out of a few pennies worth of cosmetics ‘upgrade’) and give us the 2nd generation tC.

I’ll start with the pros:  6-speed transmission!  Need I say more?  This was way overdue, nonetheless a the most beneficial addition.  Not only is it for manual but for automatic.  MPG is now increase ever so slightly.

Now for the cons: everything else?  Exterior styling, let’s just say combining what looks to be the concept Fuse’s rear into the mix is not a good idea.  Interior is now ‘standard’.  What I mean by ‘standard’ is that it matches all that of a Toyota.  Yes, Scion is Toyota’s baby, but it was created in a sense of uniqueness.  Look at the xA, xB, xB2, and iQ for instance.  Everything is different.  The interior, or at least what used to be the waterfall area is now a blank open space for an audio unit to be placed in.  Controls such as A/C are now situated at the bottom, having no integration into the panel.

Enough of my rant, here’s a link you can check out for yourself.

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