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Finger Surgery – Post Op 1

Back around Halloween time, I had broke my finger.  I was racing for the school on an “inflatable bungee run” moonwalk.  It was really fun racing against other students, professors, and friends.  On one of my runs, I fell back and popped out my right shoulder (as of now, I still have not yet had it fixed).  Thinking to myself, I figured that if I ever fall back again, I will just fall on my left side as to protect my right shoulder.  So, the next time I got pulled back, I twist my body left.

That was not such a good idea though.  I kind of over twisted and somehow got the bungee cord to wrap around my ring finger and it basically snapped it off.  Well, it snapped it about 45° over to the left.  I freaked out when I saw it so I quickly snapped it back straight.  Because I had ran more than ten times already and full of adrenaline, I felt nothing…until about five to ten minutes later that is.

I went to get an x-ray on the finger and found out that I had completely fractured the middle phalanx and had a hair-line fracture near the base of the finger.  Not to bad, I fractured my bones plenty of time before.  Nothing a little homemade splint and some time won’t heal.  Wrong, I got an x-ray again after finals were over and it still had not healed one bit.  Went in to a hand specialist and they said due to the angle and intensity of the fracture, I needed to do surgery to get pins put in.

The surgery was last week right before Christmas.  They put me to sleep (as the anesthetic doctor said, “Here comes the happy juice”) and did an open reduction surgery.  They cut open my finger and screwed in two pins through my bones so that the two ends would have a higher chance of healing now that they are close together.

I went in for my first post-operation checkup yesterday.  As the doctor’s assistant cut open my cast and got to the inner soft layer of bandages, I saw dried blood everywhere.  The bandage layer that was touching my skin directly was sticking on so the doctor decided to rip it off in a swift bandage-removing action.  Ouch!  Then directly after, he poured a whole bottle of alcohol on it to remove any bacteria.  Double ouch!  Then he told my to dip the entire finger into that little bath tub of alcohol.  Freakin’ ouch!

On a more visual note, the finger looked…bad.  This was my first time seeing the finger after the surgery.  Let me just say, it looks like one of those zombies from “Zombieland” that just got done eating human flesh mix with “Frankenstein’s” head for the two bolts sticking out the finger.  Oh, and the finger was twice the size of what it used to be.  It was swollen as fat as a pig.  There were stitches in the shape of a half moon on my finger since the doctor made a flap incision during the surgery.  It could make anyone puke right then and there.

The doctor did not say much about the condition.  That kind of worries me.  Actually that worries me a lot.  Hopefully, when I go in for the 2nd post-op, it at least stopped with the zombie-like appearance.

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