Dream girl off the market! =(

July 11, 2010 3 comments

I know I am a month late, but I just happened to do some searching up of my dream girl, Priscilla Ahn, and found out the saddest news.   Well, I’m sure it’s the best for her, but it’s the worst for me.


This has got to be the saddest day of my life…  =(

So sad, that it deserved a post on my page after so long a break…

Priscilla, if you ever read this, I will always be waiting for you!

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Final Final

May 3, 2010 1 comment

It is currently 4:30PM and I am sitting in the Red Wing of the M.D. Anderson Library.  I should be studying, but, well you know how that usually goes.

My last final for the semester is in an hour and a half.  Found out I made just enough to get an A in my other class.  Also found out that some FA officers have decided to stop carrying out their duties before the semester is even over.  /sigh

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Goodbye New York, how I miss you so…

April 21, 2010 2 comments

The title says it all.

My new life goal: live in New York City.

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3 More Days till NYC!

April 11, 2010 2 comments

My NYC trip is coming up soon, this week to be exact!  I originally had a hotel booked for 4 nights at $200 a night (my AAA discount raised the price by 10 cents…lol).  Yep, that is a steep one, but apparently all the hotels around the area are averaging around that price.  So I guess it’s not that bad.

Just now, however, I decided to try my luck again and check the prices.  Everything went up to $250 a night!!!  So, being kind of depressed since this trip was going to cost me over $500.00, I searched around, did some tinkering, and went PRICE NEGOTIATING!  My new hotel:

Grand Hyatt New York, 4-star Hotel, right in the dead center of Manhattan! It’s right in between the Grand Central Station and the Chrysler Building!  Right now, the rates are $350 per night!  My rate? About 1/3 of that price!!!  WooT WooT!!!  =)

And just for kicks, here’s an awesome video of a flash mob at the Grand Central Station

NIKE Zoom Breathe 2K10

April 5, 2010 3 comments

I recently got back into tennis (yes, even with a dislocated right shoulder and my newly acquired broken finger) after being asked to hit a few rounds with my friend Quynh.  Man it’s been forever since I’ve picked up the dusty old Prince Diablo Tour.  The grip was disintegrating in my hand.

I was using my normal shoes, Nike Shox (no, not an R4, but we will be reunited soon), to play tennis and within a day, it was getting ripped up into pieces.  So, in order to save my Shox from a quick death, I went out in search of new tennis shoes (my old Adidas Barricades were long gone).  I managed to pick up a pair of new Nike Zoom Breathe 2k10’s for only $45.00!  Regular store price was $110!  WooT WooT!  I tried to find an all blue one (like my first Zoom Breathe Free) but there was only a gray one and an all white one.  Took the all white and am now giddy and in the mood for some tennis.  Anyone up for some handicapped tennis?!  =)

Goodbye 1st Gen tC, Hello Ugly!

After 5 years in action, Scion has finally decided to get rid of the 1st generation tC (though not before making another Release Series to try to milk as much premium out of a few pennies worth of cosmetics ‘upgrade’) and give us the 2nd generation tC.

I’ll start with the pros:  6-speed transmission!  Need I say more?  This was way overdue, nonetheless a the most beneficial addition.  Not only is it for manual but for automatic.  MPG is now increase ever so slightly.

Now for the cons: everything else?  Exterior styling, let’s just say combining what looks to be the concept Fuse’s rear into the mix is not a good idea.  Interior is now ‘standard’.  What I mean by ‘standard’ is that it matches all that of a Toyota.  Yes, Scion is Toyota’s baby, but it was created in a sense of uniqueness.  Look at the xA, xB, xB2, and iQ for instance.  Everything is different.  The interior, or at least what used to be the waterfall area is now a blank open space for an audio unit to be placed in.  Controls such as A/C are now situated at the bottom, having no integration into the panel.

Enough of my rant, here’s a link you can check out for yourself.

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New York, how are you this time of year?

March 28, 2010 3 comments

New York, here I come!  Well…not quite yet, but in two weeks!  Anyone interested in coming?  I’m sure UTD is down!  =)

I’ll be leaving Thursday, April 15th.  On Friday, I’ll be touring the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) floor and competing in the CME Group Commodity Trading Challenge in the actual pit where the real traders all go!  This is the same one competition that my Finance Association at the University of Houston created 10 years ago but has no expanded with a 2nd open outcry portion on Wall Street, since it IS the financial center of the world!  Friday night, we’ll celebrating my *ahem* 1st place winning all night long and then for the rest of the time, have fun in New York and maybe even travel down to Washington D.C. to catch the cherry blossoms in full bloom!  New York, here I come!

photo credit: thornhillfund